Delilah Eby

Hello! My name is Delilah, and I design knitwear. I am a self-taught designer with a passion for fuzzy textures and all things feminine and soft! All of my designs are one-of-a-kind and hand-knit/sewn by me.

Within my designs, you’ll find a lot of pastels and pinks, lingerie-inspired silhouettes, and dreamy creations.

I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2023 with a degree in journalism and media (with a concentration in advertising and public relations) which has absolutely helped me with growing my branding and marketing Delilah Designs on social media.

At the moment, I release seasonal collections and take limited custom order spots every other month, but I am in the process of developing a team of artisans to create my designs at a larger scale.

I love putting together creative photoshoots and other mediums of stylistic media about my designs/brand aesthetics, so I am always looking to work with other local creatives on these projects!