Gladece Knights

Holiday Wish Foundation provides visibility, development and support to artists, and small business that identify as LGBTQ+ this is exemplified through these signature events and programs that echo our mission:

  • The Holiday Wish Gala: Fundraiser providing grants to artists and small businesses while honoring leaders within the LGBTQ+ community of color
  • Queen Sugar Bash: An outdoor concert of performing artists, giving support and visibility to the careers of LGBTQ+ emerging artists
  • Business Services: HWF is collaborating with Olive AI, a creative marketing agency to assist small businesses facing challenges in keeping up with the swiftly evolving marketing landscape. AI has equalized opportunities for businesses of all sizes, and we are here to offer our support!
  • Monthly Community Service: Supporting our greater community by partnering with organizations to provide free food, clothing, household items, employment and social services that include HIV testing