Hector Vaca

I am a Latino documentary photographer based in Charlotte NC. Born in NY and raised in SC, I am of Ecuadorian and Puerto Rican heritage.

“Abre la boca, para que te escuchen” is a motto by which I have lived my whole life. It means open your mouth, if you want to be heard.

As the son of immigrants living in the south, I grew up understanding what it means to feel different. These experiences instilled in me a deep appreciation of the value of speaking up to be heard.

Through photography, I explore themes of privilege, immigration, racism, nationalism, colorism, classism, and identity. I make my images, to spark dialogue, in order to better understand these issues and find solutions. More importantly, my photos give a voice to those who have felt stifled by a society based on privilege, prejudice, and oppression.

After 18 years as a community organizer, I decided to open Abre La Boca Photo, in order to document and tell stories from our community.