Dionna Bright

Dionna Bright, based in Charlotte, NC, is a portrait photographer and self-portrait artist whose work is a journey of personal growth, authenticity and spirituality. With a blend of whimsy and surrealism, Dionna’s photos invite reflection on life’s journey.

Her visual storytelling, enriched with unique props, creative set design, and intentional color grading, captures not only her subjects but also the essence of their existence. At the core of her artistry lies the empowerment of individuals, fostering introspection, healing, and engagement.

Investing in a photoshoot with Dionna means gaining a partner in storytelling, where every frame reflects a shared vision of boundless expression and authenticity. Whether you are a creative seeking collaboration or a client in search of a unique visual narrative, Dionna’s portfolio showcases a diverse range of experiences waiting to unfold through her lens.