Oxana Erokhina

Hi, my name’s Oxana. I’m a published photographer! I see photography as art and I love capturing moments to cherish forever! Portraiture holds a special place in my heart: I love creating portraits of people, whether it’s a morning stroll to the coffee shop or an art photoshoot in a studio. Each picture is your story that I’m honored to convey!

I believe that photography is powerful and it has a therapeutical effect: you can express yourself and convey the message, or maybe you’ll discover something about yourself that you didn’t know yet!

During the photoshoot you can simply relax and trust me as someone who sees your beauty and uniqueness! Having experienced both sides of the camera, I understand the nuances of modeling, enabling me to provide valuable guidance and posing tips to my clients. Together we can make a great team to get wonderful pictures!

Hope to see you in the lens of my camera!

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