Hug Creative Micro-Grant Program

Hug Creative Micro-Grant Program

“Love Bombs of Cash” HUGs (Helpful Unfettered Gifts) are $250 strings-free micro-grants – aka “Love Bombs of Cash” – awarded monthly to non-profit and for-profit creative initiatives in Charlotte to help propel the project forward or remove a small obstacle to its overall success. This is real money, making a real difference. All of it is at work today in the Queen City. There are Two Basic HUGS: 1) A $250 strings-free micro-grant for a public-facing project, initiative or business. 2) A Helping Hand HUG -- a $300 credit (which translates into $10,000 in real world value) at the Charlotte Community Tool Bank powered by the LendingTree Foundation.


Type: Open/Rolling
Category: All Disciplines
Max Amount: $250


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