St. Mark Vintage Clothing, LLC
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Fashion designer, sewist, and alterations specialist based in Charlotte, NC.

Owner of St Mark Vintage Clothing, LLC
Pronouns: He/him/his
Preferred Payment Methods: Venmo, CashApp, Zelle

As a fashion designer and illustrator rooted in excess, stimuli, culture, and print I am someone who will draw inspiration from any and all things. To sit with a new concept or even random encounter is just the start of my Avant Garde brand of experimental alchemy. Whether I’m mixing prints, colors, or infusing different unrelated styles of traditional adornment, I honor the practice of what precedes my work but press the gas on a one way journey to opulence and grandeur while Bowie or Prince plays in the background. I feel that in the conversation of “art” there aren’t very many voices from the fashion community always present. I would love to be one of the ones adding to the visibility of what it is that we do, shining a light on much more than ready to wear clothing. This stage of life for me looks like exploring the fine line of where high fashion and fine art intersect and I long for the uninterrupted freedom to be able to do just that.
Delilah Designs
AKA: Delilah
Pronouns: She/her/hers
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Hello! My name is Delilah, and I design knitwear. I am a self-taught designer with a passion for fuzzy textures and all things feminine and soft! All of my designs are one-of-a-kind and hand-knit/sewn by me.

Within my designs, you’ll find a lot of pastels and pinks, lingerie-inspired silhouettes, and dreamy creations.

I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2023 with a degree in journalism and media (with a concentration in advertising and public relations) which has absolutely helped me with growing my branding and marketing Delilah Designs on social media.

At the moment, I release seasonal collections and take limited custom order spots every other month, but I am in the process of developing a team of artisans to create my designs at a larger scale.

I love putting together creative photoshoots and other mediums of stylistic media about my designs/brand aesthetics, so I am always looking to work with other local creatives on these projects!