Has worked with CIC
HUG Recipient
HUG Recipient
Singleton Sr.
AKA: SeeSings
Pronouns: He/him/his
Preferred Payment Methods: Venmo, CashApp, PayPal

SeeSings creates music that is thought provoking as well as motivational. His primary choice of expression is singing, but he started his journey as a poet. He is known for catchy yet impactful hooks and looks forward to sharing them in spaces in and around Charlotte.

“Don’t Be Scurred” is a song about his journey with imposter syndrome and it’s available to stream everywhere!

“Kids need to be singing this in schools”

“Don’t Be Scurred” was written specifically for the Rise themes Creative Mornings.

Outside of performing SeeSings is also a Children’s Book Author who is passionate about 🎹 and making it more accessible.

“Chris and Frankie: Intro To Our Ebony & Ivory Keys” is available to borrow from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library system!

Jason Plus the MLC
AKA: Jason Plus the MLC
Pronouns: He/him/his
Preferred Payment Methods: Zelle

Jason Plus The MLC, an R&B/pop group from Charlotte, North Carolina, has been shaping the music landscape since 2017. They aim to blend classic R&B and soul with modern flair. Their vibrant energy and cohesive sound have made waves across the Southeast, securing their place in Charlotte’s music scene. Their repertoire includes a diverse range of songs, ensuring an unforgettable entertainment experience.

Lead singer Jason Hackner, with his diverse musical background in pop, R&B, jazz, and theatre, brings his University of Michigan education and Chicago stage experience to the forefront. Founded by Mark Larson in 2011, the band features talented musicians who skillfully navigate through jazz, Latin beats, Americana, and original compositions, offering a captivating musical journey.